KARMME Apparel is a true creative outlet for owner Imby Langenbach.

"From the age of 10, sewing has always been a place I go to when I want to dive deep and quieten the noise from the outside world. The lockdowns led me back to my roots, pushing me to refine, learn, and create. Now, I share with you patterns crafted from the heart and fabrics steeped in traditions and modern iterations from distant lands."

- Imby Langenbach

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Explore our curated collection, offering instant-download patterns ready for home printing or in-store. Browse through handpicked fabrics and let the excitement of your upcoming sewing adventure take over.

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Experience the soft touch of our Cottons, considerately sourced with utmost love and care. Their fine texture and premium quality make them an ideal choice for your next project.

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Unlock a world of sewing potential with our PDF Downloadable Patterns. Offering instant access to designs ranging from beginner to more advanced, you can conveniently print them at home or your preferred local store, setting the foundation for your upcoming creative project.

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Constantly on the look out for divine fabrics there is always something new here. Have a look at our freshest prints.

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The Essence of KARMME Apparel

Sewing is more than just a craft; it's a journey. A tale woven with every stitch, every decision, every creation. For Imby, it's a collection of memories, moments of serenity, and hours of dedication, learning, and refining. At KARMME Apparel, each pattern and fabric curated is a reflection of this lifelong passion and journey that began at the age of 10.

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