My journey with KARMME Apparel is as intricate and heartfelt as the stitching in every fabric. It sprouted from KARMME's essence, a reflection of the deep sense of 'calm' I feel when I create. For me, it's more than just a name; it's an emotion of being deeply engrossed, where everything else fades, leaving only the passion for creation.

A Crafted Legacy

A decade ago, my desire to create birthed KARMME. It was more than just fashion; it was an embodiment of craft and care. Proudly rooted in Sydney, each piece, designed with practicality & beauty in mind and crafted with premium Italian leather, carrying the unique touch of our signature shibori linings.

But with 2020's changing times, my creative spirit sought a new canvas. I found solace in sewing, pushing myself to shape the designs dancing in my mind, leading me to curate a wardrobe entirely of my own creations.

The Birth of KARMME Apparel

As my personal sewing journey captivated many, KARMME Apparel came to life. While many saw a potential fashion label, I saw a platform brimming with heart and authenticity. It's a haven where I share patterns crafted with love. The soft cottons from India, especially Jaipur, hold a cherished spot in my designs, effortlessly complementing the relaxed style of KARMME Apparel.


The journey ahead for KARMME Apparel is filled with passion to continue to learn, develop my skills and share my work. While I might not know exactly where we're headed, I'm excited to go with the flow.

Thank you for being part of this story.

Imby xx